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The BTSA Bullseye Newsletter


Welcome to another shooting season

Buffalo Target Shooters Association has been working hard over the winter to improve our facilities, our contacts with members and our on-line presence to make this shooting season the best ever. 

You will all know about our new working relationship with Wild Apricot.  This relationship allows us to receive your membership renewals, keep in touch with our shooting sports activities, and register your membership information.  Wild Apricot has allowed us to break the membership renewal bottleneck that has plagued us for years and lift our membership cap.  We now have several hundred more members than we had last year. 

We have improved our shooting facilities and our safety procedures.  We will soon be able to use our cell phones from any spot on the range.  We have purchased implements to guide STARS air ambulance should we ever need them (we hope not, of course).  The clubhouse is being made even more comfortable.  Our schedule of activities is on our website and you are more than welcome to visit, participate, or get in on the action.


Please check out the events page, as all the USPSA, Steel Challenge, and Action Shooting League events have been added


Fun with your Handgun starts Monday May 6th, with basic holster training, and Joe B offering insights into Steel Challenge. This is open to the public, and it is a great way to learn to use a holster safely and brush up on your skills. 

Subsequent Monday nights will offer new disciplines and possibly new faces to meet and learn from. Watch the calendar for specifics of each Monday.


On Sunday afternoons and select Monday nights, participants compete in a “run and gun” program under the 3-Gun Nation rule set. ASL gives shooters an opportunity to practice the fundamentals of competitive Action Shooting as well as run advanced courses of fire in the multigun discipline.

Multigun is an action shooting sport that involves multiple firearm platforms, typically pistol, rifle, shotgun, and now pistol chambered carbine (PCC). Even if you don’t have a firearm of each platform, come out and shoot what you have!

These events are open to the public and the cost is $10 for members and $20 for non-members. Events run from noon to 5pm weather permitting. We encourage participants to show up early to assist with setting up the stages. For more information, email info@btsa.ca or join the local multigun community on Facebook at 3-Gun Calgary.



On behalf of myself, and the board of directors of the BTSA, I would like to extend my appreciation for all the help our volunteers contributed last year!

Throughout the shooting season last year we were able to achieve the following goals: clubhouse flooring and tiling installation, placement of the stove, trough installation on the clubhouse, berm repairs and bale moving, tree and branch removal, water pumping, window installation, target shed cleaning, main gate installation, and many more including lots of junk removal. 

This year we are looking to: finish the flooring, tiling, and stove installation in the clubhouse, sea-can placement, target set up for our new plinking stations, and many safety upgrades.  

Once again, we will be coinciding the volunteer days with steel shooting certification throughout the year. Meaning that those who show up on specified volunteer days, will have the opportunity to complete the Steel Orientation, and if successful in completing the test, be given access to the Club Steel boxes for pistol target shooting.

We will be looking to host our first Volunteer Improvement Day May 11th, or earlier depending on the weather. Please watch your emails for opportunities to make our range even better. 

Thank you again for your continued support of the BTSA. I look forward to seeing you this year at the range!


Please be advised of some of the following updates and changes;

When entering the range, you must flip the Range Sign to Active and raise the flag at the main gate.

Conversely, if you’re the last one to leave, please make sure the flag is lowered and the sign is reset.

In the next month or two, we will be adding billboards to the club house and garage area with the current range rules and a map of the facility, including the STARS information and landing zone.

Please watch for updates on some of our specific bays, as there are changes coming to the firearms allowed on some of them.

If you haven’t had your orientation yet, we continue to add new sessions. For members needing to complete their triennial renewal, we are also researching an online orientation since you have already completed an in-person one in the past.


We now have over 800 active members, and about 85 lapsed members from last year. We would like to remind the membership of the following:

The most current and accurate source of information is our website at www.btsa.ca

You must log into the website to see all of the information and services that are available to members only. If you don't log in, you will only see what the public sees.

The mobile app is a great way to keep current on the events and happenings of the association. There are instructions on how to get it on the website.

We remind the membership that we don't print and mail out cards anymore. There are instructions on the website as to how to print your own card, and the cards of your family members. 

Please ensure that your membership profile is up to date and includes all relevant contact information, and a suitable photo. 

We have 68 events scheduled and prepared for our membership and public this year. Please check the events page at our website for more information. 

As always, if you have questions relating to your membership or renewal, please contact us at membership@btsa.ca

UPCOMING EVENTS (chronologically)


May 4th is fast approaching, and the event registration is now live. Please share this opportunity with friends and neighbours who are not range members but who have an interest in the shooting sports. It is a great opportunity for those without access to firearms, to be able to bring their kids out to learn the joys of the shooting disciplines.

We are also still looking for volunteers to help set up for the day and to act as range safety officers.


On May 18th, we will hold the 2019 BTSA Open House. We would love to have our membership come out and meet new friends and celebrate the sport of shooting. There will be demonstration stages of our shooting disciplines, a bit of food, and it should be fun for the whole family. We look forward to seeing you there!


We are looking for individuals interested in helping out with this worthy event as June 15th approaches. There will be opportunity for volunteers to assist on the day of the event but also leading up to the event as supplies are gathered.

If you or any business you know, is interested in sponsoring the event or donating prizes, please reach out to info@btsa.ca and let us know. A sponsorship letter is on its way.


We are very excited to be in the final stages of designing our first BTSA woman's program. Mark Sunday June 23rd on your calendar and please stay tuned to the Events calendar and the website for more information as it becomes available. 


On July 12th, the Buffalo Target Shooters Association will be holding our 5th Canadian National Steel Challenge Championships! This is the premiere sanctioned Steel Challenge event in Canada, and it draws competitors from far and wide.

Steel Challenge is fun for the whole family, and BTSA will be offering training, practice days, and club matches throughout the year. The first training session called Steel Challenge 101, is coming up on May 8th. Please join us for that!

For more information, please go to the BTSA  Steel Challenge events or the official page of Canadian National Steel Challenge Shooting Association

Regards, BTSA Communications Team

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