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CANCELLED - Vintage Milsurp Shoot

  • September 14, 2019
  • 8:00 AM
  • September 15, 2019
  • 5:00 PM
  • BTSA Ranges - 100/200, 25M
  • 30


  • For administrative use only with code
  • Members only pricing
  • This is a "club" match open to the public.



You are invited to attend an informal competition to test your ability with 1945 and earlier military rifles and pistols. This two-day event is planned to include the following:

Day 1 – September 14

9:00am: Sign-in and orientation (coffee and doughnuts provided)

10:00am to 1:00pm: Rifle zeroing (100 and 200m) and display/sale of vintage military surplus arms and accoutrements in clubhouse.*

Targets will be provided. Bring your own lunch - water provided.

1:00pm to 3:00pm: Milsurp Pistol Shoot. Each entrant gets two attempts on course with 3 paper silhouette targets at ranges of 12, 20, and 30m (10 rounds per target). Targets will be marked and scored and cumulative points from the two rounds will determine three finalists who will shoot one additional round to determine first to third places. Note that holster training is not required for this event as loaded guns will not be holstered and drawn. Each contestant will approach the firing point, which will be equipped with a table, with an empty firearm which will be loaded/made ready, fired, and made safe under the supervision of a Range Safety Officer.

Day 2 – September 15

9:00am: Sign-in and orientation (coffee and doughnuts provided)

10:00am to Noon: Infantry Battle Rifle Shoot (No scopes or target sights) . Each contestant gets two attempts at a timed sequence of five shots at each of 3 targets:

  • ·       100m standing;
  • ·       100m prone;
  • ·       200m prone.

90 seconds allowed for the 15 shots. Maximum 5 rounds in magazine at start of first target. Either stripper clips or extra magazines are allowed for reloading. Adequate targets will be set up such that groups of four can complete the stage followed by target scoring and retrieval (after all guns made safe and racked). Targets will be marked and tallied with winners decided by the better of their two rounds.

Noon to 1:00pm: bring your own lunch. Water will be provided.

1:00 to 3:00pm: Vintage Sniper Shoot. Each contestant will get to fire 2 shots at each of 4 different sized water jugs at 100 and 200m (eight shots total). Points will be awarded as per: first shot hit 5 points; second shot hit, 2 points. The 100m targets will be shot prone, unsupported (no rests or slings); 200m targets will be shot prone with front rest (sandbag). Shooting will, again, be one at a time, and each contestant will have 3 minutes to complete the course. No spotting allowed.

Two classes: 1. Factory iron sights and 2. Scoped rifle (Only original or correct reproduction scopes allowed. Target sights also allowed). To properly handicap the scoped rifle shooters, some of their targets will be smaller than those shot using sights with no magnification.

3:00 to 3:30pm: Prizes awarded.

In the interests of time, each participant will only be allowed one firearm for each event. All BTSA range safety rules will, of course, be in effect and no dangerous behavior will be tolerated. The condition and safe operation of your firearm(s) is your responsibility but the organizers reserve the right to disqualify any firearm that displays signs of being defective.

Eligible firearms: Firearm must originally have been used by the military by no later than 1945. Later production examples of such firearms (such as post-war Lee-Enfields) are allowed, as long as they remain in their original calibre.

What’s provided:

  • ·       Coffee, doughnuts and water
  • ·       Targets

What you need to bring:

  • ·       Firearms (with all appropriate paperwork)
  • ·       Sufficient ammunition for each firearm being used
  • ·       Eye and ear protection
  • ·       Event payment (cash preferred)
  • ·       Lunch and snacks
  • ·       Lawn chair
  • ·       Chamber flags
  • ·       Shooting mat
  • ·       Sunscreen
  • ·       Bug spray
  • ·       Current BTSA membership card (to be displayed by members at all times)

Participation cost:  $10 per participant – payable on arrival at the event.

Pre-registration required: Space is limited, so please pre-register by Sept 3, 2019 for this event to secure your place and help us plan logistics.

Please register, providing the following information to: billandleanne88@gmail.com.

Name: __________________

BTSA member:   ___ No.  ___ Yes (BTSA membership number: _______)

Program(s) to be shot (check all that apply):

___ military pistol. Description of firearm:  _______________________

___ military rifle (iron sights): Description of firearm:  ____________________________________________

___ Sniper shoot. Specify standard military sights or scoped/diopter/target sight plus description of firearm: ____________________________________________

Will you be bringing items to display/sell at the event for Saturday?  ___ Yes. ___ No

*Notes: regarding display and sale of firearms and accoutrements at this event.

  • ·       Items being displayed and sold are the sole responsibility of the owner and must be attended at all times.
  • ·       All legal requirements for storage, transportation and transfer must be met. Trigger locks must be used when firearms are in the clubhouse, and actions open at all times – with chamber flags used.
  • ·       BTSA is not liable for any damage, loss or injury occurring.
  • ·       Items can only be displayed in the clubhouse during the period defined above, and must be removed from the clubhouse at the conclusion of the display period.

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