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2020 Alberta Provincial Steel Challenge Championships

  • July 11, 2020
  • 8:30 AM
  • July 12, 2020
  • 5:00 PM
  • BTSA Ranges: 50E/W and 270

****USPA level 2 sanctioning is approved! We are an official level 2/provincial championship****

Read the BTSA Covid procedures before going any further: https://www.btsa.ca/Covid-19




Due to changes brought on by Covid-19, we have had to adjust what would normally be our Canadian National Steel Challenge. In its place, we will be holding a 2 day level 2 Provincial Championship match. All 8 stages will be shot each day. Participants may shoot up to 3 guns per session with no limits on rimfire vs centre fire divisions.

Due to Covid: 2 persons on each squad will time, 2 will score (ideally family members to minimize tablet use), and 2 will be designated to paint.

Alberta Provincial Champion titles, with certificate, will go to the top finisher in each division where there are at least 5 entries. We will also recognize steel master, rimfire master, and rifle master.

Certificates will also be awarded the top finisher in each category (lady, junior, LEO, etc.), class (GM, M, A, B, C, D, U), and overall.

Day 1 Schedule:
8:30am- Setup
9am-AM Stages: Outer limits, Accelerator, five to go, Round about
~ Noon: Change over/lunch
~12:30pm- PM Stages: Speed option, showdown, smoke and hope, pendulum
~3:30pm- Done

Day 2 Schedule:
9am- AM stages: Speed option, showdown, smoke and hope, pendulum
~ Noon: Change over/lunch
~12:30pm- PM Stages: Outer limits, Accelerator, five to go, Round about
~3:30pm-4pm- Teardown and certificates


BTSA range. 50-meter East/west bays. Shooters may drop their gear at the top but please park down the road or in the lot as parking at the top is needed for match staff. The main road gate and BTSA gates will be opened at 8:30am each day to allow non-members in. Please be on time or you may be locked out. Non-members will need to leave as a group at the end of the match due to the locked gates.


July 11-12, 2020

Exact change is required. Payment to be made at check-in. Online payments are still not working correctly....

$15 per gun, max 3 guns per day
Juniors (under 18, member and non-member)- FREE

****Please note: As this is a level 2 event, all competitors must be SCSA/USPSA members*****


Squads numbers beginning in a 1 are day 1 squads. Beginning with a 2 is day 2 squads. Should squad balancing be necessary, we will keep your same guns on the same day and attempt to keep families on the same squads.

Who to contact with questions:

Please email Dan B at steel@btsa.ca

What to bring:

Hand sanitizer
Lysol wipes
Work Gloves
Eye/ear protection (required to participate)
Timer if you have one
5+ mags Please pre-load your magazines at home when possible.
Ammo (round count is 195 without misses)
Gun belt and holster for center fire handguns
Cash for match fee. Exact change only please.

Match results:

Match results will be posted to PractiScore, usually the same night.

First time competitors/new to steel challenge:

You must contact steel@btsa.ca if you will be coming out for your first steel challenge. We need to know what your previous experience level is and if we will have enough experienced staff to accommodate you. When you arrive, please leave all your gear in your vehicle and identify yourself to a match official/person in charge. Ask for one of the Dan's or Lyall.

A note regarding classifications:

Classifications are used to help competitors measure their success against shooter shooting with a similar ability and skill set. A D class production shooter and a Grand Master rimfire rifle open shooter can’t be equally compared. In order to earn a classification, you must be a current USPSA member and complete any 4 stages using one of the recognized equipment divisions. Most equipment will work with the exception of Center fire handguns from low ready.

Rule book:

The official steel challenge rule book governs our Wednesday night matches please make sure to give it a read through so that you are familiar with the rules, commands, and equipment divisions.


Steel Challenge: Default match,

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