Monday Night

"Fun with your Handgun"

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Monday Night "Fun with your Handgun"

The Club is pleased to announce the ‘re-establishment’ of our Monday Night Holster Night tradition.  Over the years, BTSA has graduated many shooters from these early holstered beginnings to the established action pistol disciplines – mainly IPSC, USPSA, IDPA and Steel Challenge.  Over the past several years the Monday night gatherings have somewhat morphed into ‘Three Gun’ evenings and we congratulate our Action Shooting League colleagues whose explosive growth has allowed them to move to full-time Three Gun and other events on Sundays.

Our intent is to provide a once monthly event (May ~ Oct) focusing on safe gun handling practices while using a holster – we want to prepare the shooter for the safety protocols of the action pistol disciplines.  However, we also want to offer guidance to new or novice shooters by actually shooting the various action pistol disciplines being undertaken by the Club.  At each of our Holster Night events, participants will be guided through safe gun-handling practices while using a holster.  Additionally, we will ‘coach’ new shooters on various techniques and strategies to assist participants in moving forward within each of the action pistol disciplines.

We have assembled a group of experienced Range Officers to instruct the safety aspects involving the use of a holster – as well, each of these individuals has considerable practical shooting experience in the action sport disciplines.

Our intent is to re-establish BTSA’s Monday Night Holster Night for the second Monday of each month, starting in May thru to October. 

Our schedule includes:

  • May 08th - Joe B. ~ commences our season offering holster training and insights into Steel Challenge.
  • Jun 10th – Rick E. ~ offering holster training and providing insights in IPSC.  This event will also provide a session for women shooters – taught on a separate range where women will undertake instruction from an experienced woman IPSC shooter.  Do encourage your ladies and/or teen children to join this special event.
  • Jul 08th – Bruce G. ~ offering holster training providing insights in IDPA.
  • Aug 12th – Scott R.  ~ offering holster training providing insights into USPSA.
  • Sep 09th – Rick E. ~ offering holster training providing insights into IPSC.
  • Oct 07th – Joe B. ~ will end our season offering holster training and insights in Steel Challenge.  Due to Thanksgiving this event will be held on the first Monday of October.

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