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Shooting The Stages

Shooting a Steel Challenge match is a great experience for all ages and skill levels.  It is a safe, fun, and challenging sport. It is open to a wide variety of firearms, making it possible for many to come out and try it.

Each stage will have a Range Officer (RO) that will run you through that stage. When it is your turn, you will be called to the shooting box. Generally, the RO will also identify who is next after you, so that they can be ready to go. If you are unclear about the stage, ask the RO to explain. He or she will give all commands regarding the handling of your firearm. 

If you are shooting rimfire pistol, rifle, or Pistol Calibre Carbines, you transport your firearm (always unloaded) to the firing line in a case. You may not touch the firearm without explicit instruction to do so. If you are shooting center-fire pistol, you will be drawing from a holster, and again, you must wait for explicit instruction before handling your firearm. 

The RO will tell you that you may load your firearm, saying "Make Yourself Ready"

This is the instruction to load your firearm, and be ready for your string. Remember to ensure that your muzzle is always pointed down range, and that your finger is clearly outside of the trigger guard. If you are shooting rimfire pistol, rifle, or Pistol Calibre Carbines, you will notice a marker (generally a cone) directly in front of the shooting box. That is the "low ready" aim point. You must start your stage aiming your firearm at that point. 

The RO will ask: "Are You Ready?" 

If you are drawing from a holster, the start position is in the "hand up" surrender position, with your thumbs by your ears. Moving to this position is a signal to the RO that you are ready. If you are not ready, waive a hand or verbally indicate to the RO that you are not. If the RO does not hear or see an objection, the start signal is imminent. 

The RO will say "Stand By!"

The next sound you hear will be the start signal -  Beep!

Engage the targets, shooting the stop plate last. Concentrate on accuracy above speed. When your last shot hits the stop plate, the string is over. The RO will announce the time for your string to the recording assistant. The RO will then say "Prepare for your next string".

After your last string, the RO will say... "If you are finished, unload and show clear". You will comply.

The RO will then say "If clear, hammer down, and holster or case" (handguns), "If clear, hammer down, and flag" (PCC), or "If clear, cylinder closed, and holster" (revolver).  

Once satisfied that all is safe, the RO will announce "Range is clear". At that point your squad mates may paint the plates, and gather brass. 

You will shoot 5 strings for most stages, but only 4 on SC-104 Outer Limits. Your worst string will be thrown out and the rest will be added up to comprise your stage time. 

You can read the official Steel Challenge Shooting Association rule book here

Here are the official Steel Challenge stages that may be used for classification.

Abbreviation  Stage 
 SC-101  Five to Go
 SC-102  Showdown
 SC-103  Smoke & Hope
 SC-104  Outer Limits
 SC-105  Accelerator
 SC-106  Pendulum
 SC-107  Speed Option
 SC-108  Roundabout

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