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APRA and BTSA Policy and Rules

With Respect To The Covid-19 Response

Participants will be required to print off, fill out (date/sign) and deposit the BTSA Alberta COVID 19 Waiver, Release of Liability and Informed Consent Form in a container located outside the brown garage immediately prior to their scheduled shooting time. 
  • Standard squad boxes will be issues to each squad. All squad box equipment (paint, stapler, tape, etc.) travels with the squad. Squads will not advance to the next stage/bay until the squad ahead has completed the stage and is on the move to their next stage. Essentially, all squads will advance to the next stage/bay at the same time. 
  • Sanitization products will be supplied, such as lysol spray, lysol wipes, hand sanitizer, etc. Scoring equipment (tablet/printer, etc.), will be sanitized (wiped/sprayed) between uses by participants of different households or those outside your bubble. 

  • Participants will sanitize their hands before and after handling any communal items, such as tape, paint, tools, etc. It is recommended that competitors try to reset and/or patch the same targets after each competitor. 

  • Use of gloves and tablet pointers should be used where possible to minimize contact. 
  • ROs to establish a walk through cadence based on shooting order for competitors to view the stage to minimize close contact. Extra time will be granted for walk throughs to allow distancing through the stage. 
  • As per Alberta Heath Services (AHS)at this time we can gather in a group of 5, and a maximum of 2 cohorts in an outdoor setting. Participants who are not part of the same household or part of your personal bubble, will observe 2 metres of physical distance at all times.  Participants are required to wear a face mask when in close proximity (less than 2m) to participants who are not part of your household or in your personal bubble. 

  • BTSA has instituted a face masks protocol for all RO's while officiating and in close proximity (less than 2m) of the competitor while they are getting ready for the Course Of Fire (COF), during the COF, during scoring of the COF, stage reset and beyond as may be necessary. 
  • If and/or when a competitor experiences a stoppage due to a firearm malfunction (et al), or if there is a "dropped gun" scenario that may require immediate RO intervention, the RO will don (put on) a face mask (if not already done so) and will sanitize their hands immediately before and  immediately after handling the competitors firearm. If it is safe to do so, the RO may ask and/or require the competitor to make the firearm safe (external safety on/applied, etc), point or keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction and place the firearm on the ground, then move 2m away to allow the RO to retrieve the firearm, inspect it and clear as necessary - the lid from the squad box (etc.) may and should be placed down prior to putting the firearm on the ground to keep it free and clear of debris. The process shall be reversed upon clearing the firearm and the competitor will be allowed to retrieve the firearm and perform the "Unload and show clear, if clear hammer down and holster command" at which time the COF will finish. The competitor will not be disqualified for placing their firearm on the ground at the direction of the official. 
  • Competitors are required to wear a face mask when coming to the shooting line/box for their opportunity at the COF. They may remove their face mask on the Load Make Ready (LAMR) or the Make Ready command. They may shoot the COF without a face mask. Upon completion of the COF and upon holstering after the "Unload and show clear, if clear hammer down and holster" command, the competitor is required to wear a face mask if/when they are in close proximity (less than 2m) of any official or person present on the stage while scoring is completed. In Steel Challenge a competitor is required to don their face mask prior to leaving the shooting box. 
  • The clubhouse and/or all indoor areas are strictly off-limits to everyone except authorized personnel. Those entering a building (indoor), will only do so individually, will wear a face mask, will sanitize their hands prior to entry and upon exit. They will sanitize (spray/wipe) any object they intend to handle prior to handling. 

  • It is the responsibility of the Event Lead to ensure all protocols are understood and followed by all competitors.
  • It is the responsibility of the Event Lead and RO’s to enforce the protocols. 

  • There may be audits to events to review compliance with the protocols.  

 Approved by BTSA Board - Updated May 5, 2021

NOTICE:  Deliberately undermining and/or NOT following  BTSA’s COVID 19 Protocols may result in your immediate removal from the event/competition (scores zeroed), review of membership and you may be escorted off the range (out of the facility) at the discretion of the match officials, match directors/event lead, club officials, and/or BTSA Board of Directors (whom are in attendance).

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