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Date:   28 May 2020

Updated: 23 January 2022

To :     Event Leads and Training Course Instructors

From:   BTSA Safety Committee

Re:     Club Event Requirements for Event Leads & Training Instructors


For Event Leads and Training Instructors that use BTSA for Steel Challenge (SC), Action Shooting League (ASL), USPSA, IDPA, Black Badge Instructors, other private training courses held at BTSA.

  1. BTSA Club Events posted on Practiscore are required to include:
    a. Include First Aiders check box for participant to check off
    b. Incident Action Plan link: Incident Action Plan (right mouse click to print)

  2. Any courses located at BTSA are required to include:
    a.  Pre-Event Safety Briefing Checklist link for Event Leads/Instructors see:  Forms

  3. There will be a laminated copies of the Pre-Event Safety Briefing Checklist provided by the Safety Committee for each squad box and extra laminated copies will be in the garage cabinets by the first aid equipment.

  4. There will be eight air horns for club events provided by the Safety Committee. These will be labelled with the league event and it is encouraged to keep the top and canister separated as the air will likely slowly leak out if connected for a long duration of time:
    a.     2 for ASL 
    b.     2 for SC
    c.     4 for USPSA & IPDA to shared

  5. There are eight BTSA radios for larger events that can be borrowed.

  6. The STARS Landing Zone Kit will be in the garage cabinet in a big orange bag with the following items for use by all persons on the range:
    a.     STARS Landing Zone Manual
    b.     Quick Reference Sheet for Landing zone & hand signals
    c.     High visibility vest (XXL)
    d.     2 wands
    e.     4 cones

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