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Buffalo Target Shooters Association

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It's often called "Drag Racing with a Handgun"! BTSA has Steel Challenge matches which are fun for young and old. These matches have a round count of approximately 250 rounds (for an 8 stage match). A .22LR rimfire handgun or rifle, or center-fire handgun or pistol calibre carbine are used. Rimfire handguns and rifles, and Pistol Calibre Carbines are shot from a low ready position, so no special skills are required. Center-fire handguns are drawn from a holster. Be sure to bring at least 5 magazines or loaders. Steel matches are usually 8 stages, they consist of metal targets (there are always 5 targets in each stage) at distances of 7 to 35 yards. Most of the targets are either 10” or 12″ round or 18 x 24″ rectangles.

There are never more than 5 targets per stage, so they can be shot with a revolver. Each stage is shot 5 times (strings) and the slowest time is thrown out. The best 4 string times are kept, the total time for all the stages is the match score. Four stages are shot in the morning, and after lunch, we shoot the next four stages. Its a lot of fun and good practice for other action shooting matches. You can find the dates for these matches here.

We also have a Wednesday night "Steel Challenge League" where we shoot a 4 stage match. It's a great opportunity to come out and give Steel Challenge shooting a try. New shooters are always welcome, just let us know when you sign up and we will assign one of our experienced shooters to guide you through the evening. An introduction match fee is usually $10.00. Please check our events calendar for dates to attend! Registration for all Steel Challenge matches is done through Practiscore.

You can read the Steel Challenge Shooting Association rule book here. For more information about Steel Challenge, click on the Resources links below.

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