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Buffalo Target Shooters Association

       Calgary, AB


The United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) is the premier competitive shooting organization in the United States (and parts of Canada), dedicated to promoting safe, fair, and fun participation in practical shooting sports. Members engage in dynamic and challenging courses of fire, where speed, accuracy, and power are equally tested. Through USPSA, shooters of all skill levels find an inclusive community passionate about firearms proficiency, self-improvement, and the thrill of competition. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or new to the sport, USPSA offers a structured, exciting path to elevate your shooting skills in a supportive environment

Weather permitting, BTSA runs up to 7 USPSA matches each year. It's good practice for IPSC, IDPA  and other action shooting sports. You do not need a USPSA member to participate in these matches. At BTSA, a Black Badge course is required to to participate in USPSA matches. You can find the dates for Black Badge courses and upcoming USPSA matches here.

Registration for USPSA matches is handled through Practiscore.

For more information about USPSA, visit the USPSA website . You can read the USPSA rule book here


Buffalo Target Shooters Association
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