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Volunteers - Annie Oakley Day

  • June 23, 2019
  • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • BTSA Ranges


  • Requires PAL/RPAL. Will be responsible for ensuring the coach recieves the proper mag or mag loader if there is one. Will provide the coach with the correct amount of ammo for that particular firearm.
  • Welcome registrants and sign them in. Provide them with goodie bags and advise them of squad assignments. Help out in general.
  • Must have the proper PAL/RPAL to handle the firearms they are assigned to. Will be responsible for handing the firearm the shooter selects to the shooter's coach. Available to review safety/handling.
  • Preparing coffee, serving doughnuts and baked goods in the morning, and cooking the lunch for participants and volunteers.
  • This role helps individual shooters to ensure safety in their firearms session, and also to help the shooter improve their results through coaching. Must have PAL/RPAL.
  • Tear down and clean up stages and ranges used by the participants. Ensure that all BTSA assets are neatly returned to their storage locations.
  • The Range Escort will escort the assigned team to the different ranges, answer questions and assist with any needs of the shooter for the day. Training will be to ensure they understand the range rules and that they know the layout of the range.
  • Set up and prepare up to 5 stages for the participants to use.
  • Will be responsible for signing and dating the paper and cardboard targets for the shooter. They will be responsible at the end of the team's shoot to gather the targets for the shooter and replace with new target. If the Target Changer has the correct PAL they can assist where needed on the range.

Registration is closed

Volunteers Required

BTSA is holding the inaugural “Annie Oakley Day”, a women’s only shooting clinic to introduce local women to firearms handling and shooting sports on June 23rd, 2019, and we need your help to help run this event and make it a success.

Why is BTSA holding this event?

Over the past few years, BTSA has been approached by various people asking if we will ever put on a ‘women’s introduction to shooting’ event.  Well, we’re going to do it this year, and we want to do it right! We would like to introduce more women to shooting, and show them how much fun they can have going out for a day of shooting, joining the various programs we have to offer, or participate in any of the disciplines that shooting has to offer, such as Steel Challenge, IDPA, IPSC, USPSA, or 3-Gun…. to let them know that shooting isn’t just for men – women all over the world are involved at every level of shooting.

If you are available on June 23rd and would be willing to assist with:

  • ·         range officer duties
  • ·         registration
  • ·         target maintenance
  • ·         or other vital jobs

please go to the BTSA website, or if you have questions, please contact Shoo or Chele at ao@btsa.ca. We are looking for both men and women to help make this day a success.

Why should I volunteer?

BTSA has always depended on its members to perform almost every task needed to make the club work. Historically that has included significant construction projects, every type of maintenance task, organization, and running of matches, courses, youth events, safety programs, not to mention every aspect of administrative work it takes to ensure our Club functions and thrives. Without our volunteers, range fees would be too costly for most people to afford. 

There are many reasons why you should help out with this and other events that BTSA has to offer the community. BTSA has various activities throughout the spring, summer, and fall that involve inviting the community out to enjoy the shooting sports. BTSA also raises money through some of these events for various charities.  Without the help of volunteers, this can’t happen.

For the Annie Oakley Day, with you and a friend or family member volunteering, it will help BTSA introduce more women to the shooting sports, dispel some of the misconceptions many women have about firearms, as well as show the greater community that BTSA is serious about educating people on firearms safety, the proper way to handle and use various firearms, and that this is a fun sport that could easily involve the entire family. Most of all, it will show the public that BTSA has a great bunch of people who will take time from their own busy lives to come out to teach non-shooters how to shoot and how to stay safe.  

Please take a look at your calendars for June 23rd, 2019, and go to the BTSA website here to volunteer for Annie Oakley Day. If you know someone who would be able to help, please send them this email and direct them to the BTSA website. This event is for both BTSA and the community. The more volunteers we have, the better this experience can be!

We appreciate how busy everyone’s lives have become, but we also know that it is our club volunteers that make the difference!  Let’s show the public that shooting is a fun, safe sport and that it doesn’t matter what your gender - everyone can shoot and have a safe, fun time. 


Shoo and Chele, event directors

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